Is SweetHeat Miami 21+ ?

Yes all events are 21 and up. 


Are guys allowed to SweetHeat Miami?  

Yes when accompanied by a woman.


Are discount travel codes provided for the weekend?  

Yes please check under our Hotel / Travel Section. 


Do I need to rent a car?  

This is completely up to you, cab, uber, and shuttles will be provided to events.


Are all events on South Beach?  

No, because of how much SweetHeat has grown our events have expanded to the downtown miami area, which is a 10 min ride from South Beach.


Do I have to stay in the host hotel?  

No, you can stay anywhere you like. 


If I don’t stay at the host hotel where is a good area to book a room?  

You can book anywhere between 1st and 21st on washington ave., collins ave., or ocean drive.


When purchasing a pass do I have to wait in line?  

When you pre purchase any pass or individual ticket online you will NOT have to wait in line at any event.  Just have your ID ready to show.


When picking up my passes for the weekend what is needed?  

Your ID and paypal receipt are the only things thats needed.  

IF someone else purchased my ticket how will I be able to pick it up if its not in my name?  

Please have the person that bought the ticket for you email us at info@sweetheatmiami.net with there name and the name that they are switching it to.


Can you pay at door for all events?  

Yes all events can be paid at the door except the yacht party.  That has to be pre purchased!!